Kayaking the River Wye

Symonds Yat in the Wye valley is just over an hours drive from Bristol, so it was super easy for us to pack up the van and head over on Friday night to enjoy a weekend by the river. We parked the van at Whitchurch, right next to the river, ideal for launching. In the … Continue reading Kayaking the River Wye

Benagil sea cave Portugal

How to get to Benagil sea cave

We jumped through the shore break and into the choppy waters, we were passed around by the waves as we started to swim towards the end of the cove. As we swam around the cliff edge and just out of sight of the beach we saw a small opening in the rock face.


My week was spent floating in the waves, chugging around Falmouth harbour attempting to catch some fish, BBQing on beaches and cliffs and drinking ale in seaside beer gardens. The week blessed me with beautiful weather, beautiful friends, beautiful surroundings and serenity on the ocean shores.