Plastic-free Living – Bathroom Swaps

We all know we need to stop using plastic where we can and most importantly for items we buy often or only use once. There are plenty of easy swaps to be made when it comes to our toiletries, and as with most things, once you’ve got used to the changes it’s easy! Here are my bathroom swaps:

Shower gel / Soap

This is a super easy swap. There are lots of soap bars out there made with all sorts of different ingredients and they foam up real easy.

Got it from:  soaps are made with 100% natural, vegan ingredients.


Another easy swap from bottled shampoo to a shampoo bar. The main difference was I stopped using conditioner and realised I didn’t need it. I occasionally use a conditioning hair mask from Lush (it comes in their reusable pots) but day-to-day my hair is still as healthy as it was when I was using conditioner.

One thing I have noticed is the smell of the liquid shampoo I used to use now has a strong chemical smell. It obviously depends on what you use but I’m glad to be using something more natural!

Got it from: Lush

Shampoo and soap Bars

Shampoo (top) and soap


You can get a few different types of deodorant which aren’t in a plastic container but so far I’ve just tried the solid bars. My favourite is Aromaco from Lush. I haven’t had any complaints that I smell yet (and I have asked my friends for smell tests!).


Simple. Moisuriser bars work just as well as the stuff that comes in bottles! Too easy!

Deodorant and Moisturiser

Moisturiser (top) and Deodorant

Cotton buds

A lot of retailers have already switched cotton buds from the plastic stick ones to the cardboard ones but just be conscious when you buy them.

On a beach clean in South Wales I walked up a river bank that was feeding into the ocean. The tide was very low and on the muddy banks were hundreds of little blue sticks, these were what was left from cotton buds that had been flushed down the toilet! Switch the stick and still don’t flush it.


This one scared me a bit. The only stainless steel razors I could find were safety razors marketed for men’s faces. I took the plunge anyway and like most alternatives it was fine. I did have to make sure I was much more careful than how I had been when using the throw away plastic ones (I took no care with those ones!) but quickly got used to it.

Shaving tip: foam up with extra soap, don’t apply pressure to the razor and keep it straight.

Where to get one: Mutiny – I found this company after I’d bought mine but it looks awesome and I’ve heard only good things!

Stainless steel razor


Using a menstrual cup is a swap I honestly wished I’d done earlier! Not only does it feel better not using so much plastic each month (4.3 billion disposable menstrual products are used in the UK every year and a conventional menstrual pad contains the same amount of plastic as four carrier bags!), but it’s so much more convenient for me. I don’t have to carry tampons around and there’s no applicators to get rid of.

I use: Athena Cup


Bamboo toothbrush all the way! No different if you are used to a manual toothbrush and so much better for the planet! Win win

Give these a try: Bristle


I’ve only just made this swap and I’m still getting used to it! I now use toothpaste tablets that you crush in your mouth and start brushing with a wetted brush. It’s not as foamy as normal toothpaste and it has taken me a while to get used to the crunching bit! The one I use has fluoride and is extra minty, which I like. The jury’s still out on this one but I’ll give it a good go.

Bought from Zero Green

Bamboo tooth brush and tooth paste tablets


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