Kayaking the River Wye

Symonds Yat in the Wye valley is just over an hours drive from Bristol, so it was super easy for us to pack up the van and head over on Friday night to enjoy a weekend by the river.

We parked the van at Whitchurch, right next to the river, ideal for launching. In the morning we jumped in the kayak with a few beers and a speaker and floated downstream in the sunshine. The river carves through steep green hillside and fields so it’s a really peaceful place surrounded by natural. The Wye Valley is an area of outstanding natural beauty and I’m not challenging that, it’s a special place.

River Wye

There are pubs dotted down the river where you can moor your boat and go in for a drink or some grub. We stopped at Ye Old Ferryboat Inn and watched the other water goes in kayaks, canoes and boats go by as we ate lunch.

Back on the river we floated around and just enjoyed not doing much. We finished up with a quick dip which was just what we needed after being in the sun all day. A perfect UK weekend 🙂

Wild Swimming Wye River

If you want to spend a day or weekend on the River Wye there are loads of places that hire out kayaks. Most of the companies will launch you at one point and then come and pick you up downstream so you don’t have to paddle back.


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