30 countries before 30

I’m just about to turn 29 and I’ve been to 25 countries.

I’ve always liked ticking off lists, setting myself challenges and goals that motivate me to keep at something. I also love travelling and exploring (clues in the name of this blog 😉) so travelling to 30 countries with a deadline of my 30th birthday seemed to fit pretty well.

The list so far…

Growing up, my family travelled all around the UK on our holidays. Hiking in Snowdonia, body boarding on the Cornish beaches and enjoying the waters of the Lake District were a few favourites, and when my sister moved to Scotland, it gave us a reason to explore the highlands. Family friends took us to Northern Ireland and many of the British cities were visited for events or weekends. I feel like I’ve seen enough of the UK to have it as country number one, even if I was born here, it’s my list and I’m making up the rules.

France (2), Germany (3), Belgium (4), and skiing in Switzerland (5) are thanks to school trips in my teenage years as well as a months trip to Borneo (Malaysia, 6).

My uni years took me to Barcelona (Spain, 7), Naples, Vienna (Italy, 8) and Essaouira (Morocco, 9).

And then a year or two later I headed out on my long awaited Endless Summer:

Thailand (10)

Thailand traditional boats

Cambodia (11)

Island Life Koh Rong


Batu Caves Malaysia

Singapore (12)

Singapore cityscape

Australia (13)

Australia beach Great Ocean Road

and New Zealand (14).

Milford Sounds New Zealand

My next adventure was Bali (Indonesia, 15), the Gili Islands and Lombok with a brief stop in Brunei (16).

Snorkelling Gili Islands Lombok Indonesia

And then to Portugal (17) for a week of surfing and sea caves.

Benagil sea cave Portugal

I then found a love for mini breaks!


Amsterdam (The Netherlands, 18)


Krakow (Poland, 19)

Kraków Main Square

Lake Bled (Slovenia, 20)

Lake Bled Slovenia

Finishing with the mega mini break:

Prague (Czech Republic, 21), Vienna (Austria, 22), Bratislava (Slovakia, 23), and Budapest (Hungary, 24).

Budapest Fisherman’s Bastion

And my most recent exploring took me to the wild west coast of Ireland (25).

The question is, in the next year, where should I go for my final five?


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