Where to drink beer in Bratislava

Whilst exploring the old town of Bratislava, it’s churches, castle and random street statuses, our favourite thing to do was trying out the many microbreweries and pubs dotted around the city. Here’s our top places to drink beer:

Pub: Výčap u Ernőho
Beer: Bohumil pale lager 11 👌
Near: Nám. SNP tram stop
Before getting the tram back to our hotel one evening we stopped for a drink at Výčap u Ernőho (very conveniently placed for us by the tram stop). A modern bar with industrial interior, brewing it’s own beer. It was full of young locals who had just finished work and had a buzzing and loud atmosphere.

Pub: Castle bar
Beer: Zámocké Svetle 12 👍
Near: Bratislava Castle
After walking up to the castle and enjoying the views across the city, the castle bar is a good stop off point before heading back into the old town. It was pretty quiet when we visited but we were told it gets busy, especially when sport is played on the large screens in the bar.

Solak beer company Bratislava

Pub: Meśtianske Pivovary
Beer: Bratislavsky Leziak 12 👌
Near: Michalská veža, Michael’s Gate
This bar was my favourite in terms of atmosphere, it was bustling and the bar staff were super friendly. The bar spans across three floors which were all busy with people eating and drinking. They had a good selection of their own beers and served traditional Slovakian food.

Pub: Foodstock
Beer: Antošuv ležák (Pivovar Antoš) 👍
Near: Old town hall
This isn’t a pub but I had to mention it because it serves the best gyoza in the whole of Slovakia (not that Slovakia is known for its gyoza but it was real good), it was so tasty we ordered a second portion. It’s a cool vegan cafe with bottled beer on offer to wash down the delicious food.

Foodstock Bratislava


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