Bristol Harbour Clean up

Clean up Bristol Harbour

Today was a rainy Sunday of a rainy January weekend. I could have easily stayed at home with Netflix at the ready but whilst scrolling through facebook I saw a post from Clean up Bristol harbour. They organise monthly events and invite people to come along and pick up the floating rubbish in the harbour. It’s a community project in partnership with the Bristol Harbour Master. After some coffee I made the decision to head out in the rain and join them.

Despite the miserable weather there was a great turnout so we split into teams with two boat crews and the rest walking along the waters edge. I started in the walking group and we quickly picked up three bin bags full of rubbish and recyclables. All the usual offenders were there, plastic bottles, coffee cups, straws, plastic cutlery and takeaway containers.

For the second part of the clean up I swapped to the boat crew and started picking up rubbish from the water. There was so much floating around to collect. Roland, from the harbour masters office told me they regularly clean the harbour. I can’t imagine what it would be like if they didn’t. When we finished our clean I was freezing and so sodden from the rain I felt like I’d been in the harbour, but I also felt super satisfied that I’d helped clean the water that I love living by and stopped some of the floating plastic making it’s way to the ocean.


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