Prague rooftops

Top 5 things to do in Prague

With two days in this awesome city, these are my top 5 things to do in Prague…

1. Letenské Sady
This park has specular views across the city. We walked up to it from the riverside whilst on our way to the castle. There is a little pavilion (Hanavsky Pavilion) in the park with great views across the river and to the old town, where you can grab a beer.

View across Prague River Charles Bridge Old Town

2. Prague Castle
Perched upon the hill, looking down across the city is Prague Castle. The castle grounds is home to a grand assortment of buildings surrounding the dominating St Vitus Cathedral. For me, the cathedral’s impressive gothic architectural stole the show, with its dark towers reaching up to the skies and detailed carving in the stone, it dwarfs the buildings around it.

3. Charles Bridge
It’s the oldest Bridge in Prague dating back to 1357, and is a busy tourist attraction with buskers and stalls lining the stone structure. The bridge has 30 statues of saints on it to admire as you cross the river.

Statue on Charles Bridge Prague

4. The old town and the Astronomical Clock
If you find the Astronomical clock, you’ve found the old town square. A busy area with street performers, city guides and a lining of cafes and bars. Each hour tons of tourists gather around the clock whilst the statues on it move to ring the bell and a procession of apostles are seen through a little opening door. To be honest it’s not that exciting but the clock is 600 years old, the third oldest Astronomical clock in the world, so that’s why they shout about it. The Old Town Hall (which the clock is mounted on) is a great place to start a walking tour of the city, from here you can get to churches, synagogues and street markets.

5. Eat Trdelnik and drink beer
Trdelnik is dough cooked on a spit and dipped in sugar. You can have it with various fillings, ice cream being a popular option. When you walk around the city, the sweet smell coming from the many shop openings will entice you to try one.
Pilsner Urquell, Staropramen and a trip to the U supa brewery in the old town made up most of our Czech beer intake other the two days.


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