City to Sea Stainless Steel Cup

Say no to plastic cups

A couple of weekends ago I volunteered at an ocean film festival in Bristol. My friend had told me the venue only had single-use plastic at the bar for drinks so I decided to do something about it.

The week before I had attended the Shextreme festival and Michelle from City to Sea was a guest speaker on the panel. Michelle had also organised for stainless steel cups to be used at Shextreme, either available to buy or bought with a deposit which could be retrieved at the end of the night.

For some background on City to Sea, they are a Community Interest Company (CIC) run by three female directors who are fed up with the amount of single-use plastic being used and are devastated by the impact it has on the ocean. They run campaigns to stop plastic at source including Switch the stick, which persuaded national retailers to sell biodegradable paper stem buds instead of plastic ones.

Knowing Michelle would be able to advice me I got in touch to see where I could source some reusable cups. Not only did she advice me but she organised for 200 cups to be sent to the event and came along to spread the word about it.

The night was a great success with all 200 reusable cups being used instead of throw away plastic ones. The audience all got on board and it felt like we had really made a difference (even if it was just one event, got to start somewhere!).

Plastic can stay in the marine environment for hundreds of years and is having a devastating effect on the wildlife and the whole eco system. When we can easily make a change from plastic there’s no excuse not to.

For the oceans.

City to Sea Stainless Steel Cup


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