Kinder Scout – alone on the hills

Kinder Scout was my first solo hill walk. The highest point in the Peak District was covered in snow for my afternoon in the hills. I started up from the water station and walked towards the Pennine Way. The white tops glistened in the afternoon sun as I crunched through the snow and headed upwards. As I reached the National trail the wind rushed into me and I pulled my hood up to shelter my ears. I turned uphill again and continued over what I thought to be the top. As I came over I expected to see the summit but I didn’t, the ground flattened out across the plateau and stacks of rocks dotted around but no sign I had reached the highest point. The sun was getting low in the sky and I didn’t want to be out alone in the dark so I tried to come to terms with not reaching the trig point and looked at the map for the quickest way down. I was puzzled that I hadn’t reached the summit from the map and turned my head back to look again. This time I saw the trig point standing on a larger stone about 200 metres away. I rushed over to it feeling pleased I’d done what I came to do. After a quick photo I made my way back down, looping back to the path I had started from. As the sun set, the hills were lit up in a stunning shade of orange and the empty hills felt magical in the silence. It had been a very successful first lone hill walk. 


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