Microadventure October

October Microadventure



Finishing from work I put my bag on my back and got on my bike, setting off with a friend down country lanes in search of the nights resting spot. We stopped off at the chippy to grab some supper and carried on out of the village over a large and empty common. The sky was darkening as we got off our bikes to walk the last part of our journey across a bumpy grass field. Settling down for the night I rolled out my bivi bag and jumped inside it in my sleeping bag.  I tucked into my chips washing them down with a mug of red wine.

Experiencing the common at night was an excited feeling, a place I know well in daylight suddenly looked very different through the darkness. The air was silent until animals screamed out and the sound carried far into the openness. I drifted off to sleep and woke up to an incredible display in the nights sky included three shooting stars. The moon was bright and lit up the long stretch of field as I lifted my head to have a look around before falling back to sleep.

Morning came round but the sun hadn’t come up as we packed our belongings and started our ride back to the office. Starting the day with a ride through the sleepy countryside was perfect and the week felt like it had more purpose, time had been well spent and we hadn’t even got to the weekend yet. Another mid-week adventure is already booked in.


2 thoughts on “October Microadventure

  1. thidara1005 says:

    Sounds great! I do love going to a chippy for dinner + it shows how much you can fit into a evening after work. Will definitely plan something like this to escape London when it gets a little warmer.


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