kayaking Aberporth Bay Wales

Sea kayaking off the Welsh coast with Dolphins


It was a beautiful sunny day at Aberporth Bay as I paddled out through the shore break with a small group of colleagues, it’s pretty cool having a job where sea kayaking off the Welsh coast can be considered a day at work! Heading left out of the bay we hugged the coastline and dug our paddles into the water against the swell, watching sea birds fly to and from their nests perched on the cliff side, crying into the ocean as they went. I was really enjoying being out at sea, floating around and basking up the sunshine which glistened on the water, and then it got better. A fin came out of the water and just as quickly dipped back down, excitement raced through my body and I paddled as fast as I could behind it. Again it glided up through the water with a smaller fin in tow, it was a mother and calf. The Bottlenose pair swam around the bay, putting on a great show for us. What an amazing front row seat I was getting from my sea kayak. After our encounter we paddled back past the bay and on to Tresaith, we surfed into the beach and explored the little cove which is home to a small village and waterfall, before heading back to Aberporth. It was a great end to our trip but nothing could distract me from the excitement which was still buzzing from my amazing dolphin greeting.



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