Port Gaverne Cove, Cornwall

Port Gaverne – Wild Swim


Swimming at Port Gaverne brings memories of drifting past the protecting cliffs in calm, clear water. Today a changing tide made for quite a different story. As I waded out, the weight of things started to float away with each step. As I submerged myself the water came chopping across me, just to come rushing back as it smashed into the side of the cliffs. I lifted my toes and gave myself to the ocean.

As the waves began to grow I clambered out onto the rocks and walked around a narrow ledge on the cliff line, sea gulls cried as they flew above and the ocean continued to crash relentlessly at the land. I dripped across the smooth rock which was warm under my bare feet. Looking out into the endless blue seascape, the wildness and the power of the churning swell seemed to put thing into perceptive.


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