Cycling to the coast South West England

Cycle to the coast

Spring is here! Sunshine, blue skies and I didn’t even need my wind shirt. Taking on an Alastair Humphreys’ micro adventure, my goal was to cycle to the sea, well almost, the mouth of the Severn Estuary would have to do!

It was my first ride of the year and I decided to go it alone. My legs began to burn on the first hill but as I continued on I rode into a rhythm and really started to enjoy it. I followed the national cycle path from Bristol to Pill before losing it and continuing along the A road into Portishead, I hadn’t been paying much attention to the route, I knew the general direction and was just enjoying the ride. As I turned a corner I felt a cold breeze across my face and I knew I was by the sea. As I reached the waters edge I felt a sense of achievement. My cheeks were pink, my heart pulsing steadily and I knew I’d made the most of this beautiful day.

I took the 26 (cycle route) back to Bristol which is pretty much all off road and takes you past disused railway tracks which was pretty cool. Heres to many more sunny days on the bike.



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