Fuerteventura. Surf and explore

Fuerteventura, translating to strong adventure, has it all. Endless golden dunes, rolling waves and a winter heat for our November escape.

We were based in Corralejo, a northern resort with great access to the waves and nearby historic villages. Just a five minute walk from our apartment we found a strip of cafes and surf shops poked in between touristy nic nac stalls. Standard, an independent surf/skate shop has cool t-shirt designs and friendly staff.

Fuerteventura Wind mill

Corralejo beach was great for a quick dip with rocky point breaking in the distance. This side of the island boasts many restaurants along its water front. Sotavento serves up a hearty seafood paella perfect for a late lunch, and for an evening meal La Factoria cooked us up a delicious local platter of Canarian potatoes with Fuerteventura green sauce, grilled goats cheese with honey, walnuts and peanuts and freshly cooked bread. Agua, a tiny blue bar had tasty baguettes and sangrias and Buena Onda (good vibes) became my favourite place for a cocktail, with surf films projected on the outside wall and mojitos to blow your mind!

We decided on mopeds for our main form of transport and cruised up and down the island exploring what it had to offer. On the north west coast we stopped at the sleepy harbour of El Cotillon before messing around on playa del Castillo which was dumping a heavy shore break. The lighthouse at Faro el Cotillo was worth a visit, with its fields of piled up rocks lining the ocean edges. After an endless straight of tarmac, Majanicho was found, buzzing with local surfers in the evening sun.

Fuerteventura Coast stones


For a bit of culture and history we headed to La Oliva and found local art and museums as well as tiny chipmunks at the Coroneles house. Another historic town is Betancuria, once the capital, its white stone buildings are well kept with gardens and courtyards surrounding them. This little place has a peaceful atmosphere as well as a michelin star restaurant.

Back on the northern point of the island, we surfed at flag beach and took a crazy tumble in a double kayak by rocky point. The conditions were perfect and it felt great to be in the water.

For the end of our holiday we took a road trip to the far south of the island to visit Morro Jable where turtles were being breed and released to try and populate the waters around the island. As we travelled down past miles and miles of golden beach we stopped at the wind lovers paradise of Playa de la barca. Kitesurfers and windsurfers cluttered the water, speeding along pure blue lines, teaming up with the wind for blasts of thrills. As we made our way back along the central road we cut through spectacularly vast ranges of barren mountains, a stunning sight of understated beauty. The brown dusty tops rolled on forever contrasting with the blue sky. I’d never seen a terrain quite like it.

This small Canary island gave us the sun, sea and surf we had dreamed of and a chance to really explore its sandy lands. I would recommend it to anyone.

Fuerteventura Sand dunes


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