Cairngorm mountains sunset snow

Magical Cairngorms

Bright blue skies, gleaming white snow and panoramic mountain ranges as far as the eye can see. Welcome to the Cairngorms and what a show it was putting on for us.

Arriving in the dark and after some birthday celebrations for my niece, my head hit the pillow excited for the adventures to come. Waking up to low clouds didn’t dampen my spirits and soon we were driving up through the misty morning to clear, bright conditions and a buzz in the air from fellow snow seekers. The sun shone across our faces as we whizzed down the slopes, swishing in and out of each others paths before racing to the lift to begin again. A perfect day on the mountain and a feeling of awe being given the chance to experience this place of beauty at its very best.

The days that followed included a glimpse into the world of winter mountaineering,  hot coffee and catch ups with my family, and tumbling down hill sides at high speed on plastic trays.

Great pines, frozen lochs and the silence of winter gave me the clarity to think about what was important and made me stop and look at the beauty that surrounded me.




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