Sgwd yr Eira Waterfall South Wales

Sgwd yr Eira – Waterfall Wonder

A drizzly Sunday didn’t put me off venturing across to the Brecons. Reaching waterfall country my friend and I parked up and found the route map leading us to Sgwd yr Eira. We ventured into the woodland following the red arrow footpath. It wasn’t long into our walk when we could hear the thunderous rushing of water spilling over sharply chiselled rock, the winters snow melt had filled the rivers high making the waterfalls even more impressive. For the next 45 minutes our path weaved in and out of the trees bringing us to steep drop offs leading to other falls, we continued on, leaving them for another visit before reaching the longest descent which would take us to our goal.

A main draw to this fall was being able to walk beneath the water where the rock was naturally carved out. Down the steep path and reaching a rocky pool the spray started to slowly drench us. From where we stood it looked like it wasn’t going to be possible to get under with the heavy water flow crashing down, but we continued on scrambling across the the rock piles to get a closer look. As if by magic a pathway appeared, we slipped behind the moving curtain of water and became hidden from the world. For a moment we had found a hidden wonder, a little piece of Welsh magic with a captivating wall of moving power shielding us from all outside.



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