Red Point Bristol Beginners Course


For some time now I have wanted to get into climbing, the sport has always interested me, the problem solving aspect and the achievement of scaling a mighty rock face or a little rock face for that matter, but reaching your goal what ever it is.

I have had a few taster sessions in the past and really enjoyed it but my fear of heights has always set in and made me wary of pursuing it, so I decided this year I would take a beginners course which hopefully will give me the confidence to conquer my fear and push myself.

The course at Red Point runs over three evenings 7pm-9pm or if you prefer you can complete the course over a weekend of two 3 hour sessions.

I had my first class yesterday evening. I turned up to the centre alone and was greeted by the friendly staff before being buddy’d up for the course (so don’t put it off just because you can’t find anyone who will do it with you!). The session included safety, knot tying and belaying, during the class I gazed up at the experienced climbers and felt inspired about what I could achieve.  We had a few climbs and the 12ft walls that the centre boosts did get my heart racing and my palms sweating. I think a chalk bag is the next purchase!

Bring on next week, I really can’t wait to go back!


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