Whale watch – Kaikoura

We boarded a boat called Aorika and headed out to sea, using the boats equipment we were able to track sperm whales in the area. When the first whale was heard, we sped across the Kaikoura canyon with the depth going from 100m to 1000m, the canyon is part of the tectonic plate that New Zealand sits on which drops off into the dark depths of the ocean. This is the reason the sperm whales are always around this coast, they dive to the bottom to feast on giant squid and fish before coming up to the surface to breathe. The whales here are lone males coming to feed as the waters are too cold for the females who have less blubber.

We were lucky enough to be visited by two of the resident whales Taikpo and Tutu. First was Taikpo who came to the surface and was identified by his large dorsal fin, sperm whales can last 6 hours under water so it was a real treat to catch him. Tutu a slightly larger whale was next, as Taikpo descended back to the depths we changed our position and was greeted by the spray from his blow hole. He hung around for a while before giving us an impressive dive display with his tail.
On the boat ride back we saw a Royal albatross, a huge seabird bobbing around on the water. It was an amazing trip and I would highly recommend Whale watch Kaikoura.

Sperm Whale New Zealand

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