Sailing the Whitsundays

Camira, one of the worlds fastest commercial sailing catamarans (and purple!) was the vessel that took me around the Whitsunday islands. We left Airlie Beach marina at around 8am and took a smooth sail out to daydream island where we picked up a few more passengers. The weather was perfect, blue skies and bright beaming sunshine, a little more wind would have helped but the sail managed with what it had. Our route took us past Hamilton island and Waking man island whilst heading for Whitsunday island itself. Officially one of the top 10 beaches in the World, Whitehaven beach is absolutely beautiful, we anchored just out of its shallows and took the RIB over to its pure white sands. The colours of the sea are wonderful, every shade of blue blending into each other at the different depths. The sand slips through your fingers like icing sugar and is blindingly bright. We were lucky enough to have the beach to ourselves, which was spotless, as if nobody had been there before, a real slice of paradise. Back on the boat, we up anchored and were sailing once again, the day was so relaxed, gliding through the beautifully calm waters with the wind brushing against my face, glass of wine in hand and not a worry on my mind. The afternoon was spent snorkelling, brightly coloured coral and fish were a plenty. A truly amazing day in a truly amazing place.

Sailing whitsundays
Whitsundays Australia

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