The Great Barrier Reef – Turtle watch

Once aboard the dive boat and making our way out of Cairns Marina it became clear I should have taken the crews advise and swallowed a sea sickness tablet. For the next hour journey heading to the outer reef I was at the back of the boat, starring at the horizon, trying to take my mind of the swaying from side to side as we sped out into the ocean.

Apolo reef was the first place we anchored and the first dive site. The visibility wasn’t brilliant but the reef was quite shallow so it was easy to see the fish and coral whilst drifting over and around it. The second dive site was Wonder Wall, a wall of coral with bright colourful coral and fish. The visibility was much better and there was a large range of different fish swimming around as we followed the wall twisting along the ocean floor.

Snorkelling Great Barrier Reef

Back on the boat and fed and watered by the buffet lunch we moved to a shallower section of the reef to go snorkelling. Taken by glass bottom boat we jumped in up current from the dive boat which made an easy drift back. The sea was choppy on the surface but as I dived under the waves, it was clear and calm.

I swam around spotting fish and a small sting ray hiding in the sand but I was really only looking for one thing, and then there he was, gliding slowly along the bottom was a green turtle.

Turtle Great Barrier Reef

I came to surface, took a deep breathe and dived back down to swim along the sand beside him, as we swam side by side he turned his head slowly towards me and seemed completely unbothered/ couldn’t have cared less, by my presence. I swam with him for as long as my lungs would allow before shooting up, inhaling as much air as I could and returning back to the bottom. I repeated this until I was too tired and out of breathe to keep up with him and he swam off, probably happy to have some peace and quiet. It was an amazing experience and swimming with a turtle on the Great Barrier Reef is definitely a big tick off my list!


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