Aho Pang Nga – Natural Wonders

Taking a long tail boat through the mangroves forest park we winded along the river before coming out to sea. Huge limestone karsts scattered the horizon and as we passed them their enormity made our little boat..well seem very little. We stopped off at an island full of tourists all wanting a photo in front of James Bond island, a jagged karst perched in the shallows which was used as a location in ‘the man with the golden gun’. Back on the boat we steered around the giant looming mounds of limestone before anchoring in the shadow of one of them. Transferring to an inflatable kayak we paddled through tiny entrances in the rock, having to lie down in order to fit through, the entrances led to large water caves evidence of the oceans aggressive corroding powers. After a swim in the warm and very salty sea the boat pulled up to a small empty beach with a wooden ladder into the rock. With head torches shinning the way I walked through the narrow gap in the rock and entered into a large sandy cave, I walked for around 10 minutes through the rock before seeing light shinning in front of me. A slit on the rock exposed still, stagnant water with lush green vines twisting up and around the limestone. I had walked right through the cave to the other side. As we made our way back to the mangroves we stopped off at a Muslim fishing village, an entire community perched on stilts and connected by small jetties, looking up from the village an almighty karst stands like a giant warrior protecting the floating homes.

Aho Pang Nga is a true natural wonder which shows the power and beauty of the natural world.

Aho Pang Nga

Aho Pang Nga waters


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