Maya Bay- take me to my beach

Leaving the best till last our boat trip around Phi Phi anchored down in a rather choppy inlet of towering karsts at our final stop off of the day. Straight ahead of the boat was a wooden ladder perched on a rock, looking puzzled passengers asked our diver ‘where is the beach’ to which he replied ‘jump in here, up the ladder and through to the beach’. This wasn’t the answer most were looking for but I had bought a dry bag for my camera and had been dreaming of coming to this bay for years. I jumped in and swam towards the ladder, getting bashed by the swell onto sharp rocks I grabbed hold of a weathered rope and clamber up, from the top of the ladder it was a few minutes walk through trees and foliage before coming to an opening, as a stepped out onto Maya Bay I was blown away. The giant shielding karsts enclosed the bay towards the green forest  behind and the sand slopped down towards the light blue water with a couple of long tail boats drifting from their anchor made for a stunning sight. It was peaceful, relaxed and quiet, the way the bay is so closed in gives it a hidden treasure feeling, as if its a secret still, an impressive atmosphere for such a famous beach.

Maya Bay Entrance Phi Phi

Maya Bay Phi Phi Island Thailand


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