Koh Rong – Fishing

Catching a ride on a longboat with a local fisherman, we cruised around the island, snorkelled in a sheltered bay and found ourselves on a deserted beach, pure white sands, turquoise waves smoothing the shoreline and only the hermit crabs to share it with. Back on the boat we ventured out into the ocean until the water turned a dark shade of blue and we had reached a good depth for fishing. After anchoring we were given our fishing tools. A plastic bottle with fishing line wrapped around it and squid hooked on the end. At first glance there was no way this could be successful. Having never fished before surely this was too basic to actually catch anything? Dropping the line until it hit the bottom, which actually took a while, it was now a waiting game. It was quiet and peaceful on the boat, slowly rocking from side to side with the vast ocean as our back drop and the shoreline to far to disturb. Fishing line gripped in hand, I felt a slight tug, and then again this time pulling away more, I quickly started pulling up the line, rolling it around the bottle as I went, excited by the anticipation of what I’d caught I pulled faster until out of the water came my first fish! Not a very big fish but my first catch of the day and I was chuffed! The fish was thrown in a plastic box before I dropped my line back down and started the process again. I spent a leisurely afternoon out on the boat, managing to catch 5 fish, two reasonably big ones but all would contribute to my supper! Back on the island the fish was cooked up with lemon juice and herbs and served with rice. It tasted superb, maybe because it was so fresh or maybe because I had caught it with my own hands, an extremely satisfying meal.

Fishing Koh Rong


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